• About YABONG

    The Youth Advocates Building Opportunities and Network in Governance (YABONG) began as an idea in the mere minds of young Mindanaoan leaders – a vision of leadership and nation-building. YABONG, now in its materialized and embodied nature, aims to address the lack of existing networks that envision a collective youth plan, promote partnership through application of sustainable development projects, and include the growing community of youth leaders in Mindanao.


    With this, the fate of governance is seen with the expansion of youth cooperation in nation building. This is the place YABONG comes in. Yabong meaning prosperous in Filipino, reciprocally utilized with advancement, is utilized to depict the volume of youth pioneers in wide scope of backings. Like its actual meaning, YABONG brings the metaphorical resonance of growth– like a tiny sapling’s rise to become a fully-grown tree – to life by mainstreaming youth participation in governance.

  • What We Do

    Project Incubation Lab

    Collaboration in sustainable projects & Incubator of ongoing, resumed, and upcoming projects

    With our deep investment in the capability of the youth to formulate projects, YABONG aims to help these young leaders in sustaining their projects and operations to fully realize and embody these youths’ advocacies. YABONG also evaluates and incubates ongoing, resumed, and upcoming projects. All in all, our organization helps keep an eye out for projects to make them effective and feasible in the long run. We don’t only begin – we maintain and finish.

    Advocacy-Driven Leadership Camps


    The Camp nurtures the participants, helps them grow, and guides them in their growth. Throughout this process, YABONG aims to embody the three stages: magYABONG, pagYABONG, at YUMABONG – at patuloy tayong YAYABONG.

    Mentorship Programs

    Mentorship Programs with partnered SKs, Youth-led Initiatives & Organizations, and Student Councils

    YABONG, in collaboration with organizations, conduct mentorship programs to aspiring advocates and young leaders of Mindanao to further enhance the participants’ project making and pitching skills to curate a maintainable solution to relevant adversities.


  • Partners


    Asia-Europe Foundation

    US Embassy in the Philippines


    ASEAN Abundance Innovation Lab

    Ateneo de Davao University

  • YABONG Highlights

    In Creating a Community of Leaders

    AUGUST 13, 2019-- It was a tremendous and amazing opportunity for the participants of the YABONG Mindanao Camp to be taught about the intricacies of project pitching and be able to apply the acquired knowledge to the YABONG Small Grants Competition, held last August 10-12, 2019 at Lantaw Bukid,...
    JULY 13, 2019-- the Youth Advocates Building Opportunities through Network and Governance (YABONG) was launched as an official organization in the SOCCSKSARGEN area through the #MindTheNow Convention, a project of the Mindanao Youth for Mental Health Organization (MYMHO) and YABONG SOX Team...
    Succeeding the second launching in MagCot area, the next chapter for YABONG unfolds. In celebration of Philippine-American Friendship Month, the organization launched for the third time in Davao Region during the Social Enterprise Expo and Education Exchange Fair held in Davao City last July 27,...
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  • Meet the YABONG Team

    Platform for Youth Leadership and Community Service

    Ryjean Quent Kamid (Sarangani)

    Ryjean, a Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Alumni, explained the pathways to youth empowerment and participation in nation-building through YABONG. As part of the long-term vision, she emphasized on the magnitude of impact that we can create if we invest in young individuals.

    Tinabangay sa Pagpalambo para sa Matag-Usa og Nasod

    Patricia Nicole Lucena (Davao)

    After her participation in the Youth Leadership Program (YLP) on Our Oceans, Patricia realized the importance of solidarity in transforming youth as agents of change in the 21st century. With outstanding achievements in sustainable development projects, she believes YABONG is an enabler to this endeavor.

    Pagpapatuloy ng PagYABONG!

    Harris Sulaiman (Cotabato)

    Being a BANGSAMORO youth leader, Harris sees YABONG as an organization that can achieve development in collaboration and sustainability. Development that thrives not only for one, but for everyone.

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